ABOUT ME – Ashley Cheyenne Walters


My mission is to inspire and teach home based business owners the skill sets required to bring their business online, including social media branding, lead generation, video marketing and mindset.

My Journey To Attraction Marketing

My senior year of college, an opportunity was presented to me. I over analyzed it but when I finally realized I had nothing to lose, I started a new venture in network/online marketing. I failed HARD at the start. The constant “list” creating, cold messaging, posting/praying, bugging friends/family, and most of all DRAGGING people behind me to move. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Knowing that what I had in my hands was worth preserving, I started searching. Searching for something, ANYTHING, that could give me a different approach to building a home based business.

That was when I stumbled upon Attraction Marketing. Now I have completely changed my approach to marketing my business...and qualified, like-minded prospects are reaching out TO ME about my business and it’s so gratifying and FUN.

* No more pressure

* No more chasing people


Home based business owners need to be supported and not experience the challenges I did. Building my business online has enabled me to generate an endless flow of leads and earn income on autopilot.

YOU are so much more than your product. When you tap into who you truly are and combine that with proven, online marketing strategies, you will break away from the masses and find the people you’re looking for!

~ Ashley
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